99re久久热在线视频-Bike Repair Shop

Bike Repair at Bicycle Habitat

99re久久热在线视频-Bike Repair 

We are a full-service bike repair shop. From fixing a flat tire to packing a bike to a comprehensive tune-up, we can have you road-ready in no time. Estimates are always free: Bring your bike in and we'll recommend what repair and maintenance we think needs to be done. Many services such as flat tires and accessory installations can be done while you wait.
Have additional questions, or in need of something that you can't find below? Give us a call. We'll be happy to go through what you need.

Note: Prices reflect service only; parts are not included. Some bike repair services may vary with the bike model, and the related cost may vary accordingly. When you contact us for service, we will let you know if and when the variation may apply to you.

大芭蕉天天视频在线观看-Bicycle Habitat's Bicycle Repair Services


  • Basic Tune: $75
    Annual Tune: $150
    The Overhaul: $300

    大芭蕉天天视频在线观看-Accessory Installs

    Baby Seat Install: $20+
    Bag/Pannier Install: $15
    Bar Tape Install: $15
    Computer Install: $15
    Fender Install: $45
    Rack Install: $15
    Seatpost or Saddle: $6
    Cleat Install: $10
    Training Wheels: $15


    福利在线411-Assemble Bike: $75
    Build Up From Frame: $150
    Strip Frame: $50


    99re久久热在线视频-Brake Adjust: $10+
    Brake Bleed: $40
    Brake Cable Install: $12
    Brake Install: $15
    Brake Pad Install: $15
    Brake Rotor Install: $10


    这里只有2019精品视频-Wheel Build: $50+
    Spoke Replace: $25
    True Wheel: $15+
    Tire/Tube Install: $7+


            福利在线411-BB Adjust: $15
            BB Install: $30
            BB Overhaul: $50
            Cassette Install/Remove: $10
            Chain Install: $8
            Crankset Install: $25
            Derailleur Cable Install: $12
            Derailleur Adjust: $12
            Derailleur Install: $18
            Derailleur Hanger Install: $20

            福利视频2o17在线观看-Fork & Headset

            Fork Install: $40
            Headset Adjust: $10
            Headset Install: $35
            Headset Overhaul: $50

            福利视频2o17在线观看-Hub & Pedal

            99re久久热在线视频-Hub Adjust: $15
            Hub Overhaul (front): $30
            Hub Overhaul (rear): $40

            这里只有2019精品视频-Pedals Install: $5
            Pedals & Cleat Install: $10
            Toe Clip Install: $12


            这里只有2019精品视频-Box Bike: $60-100
            Delivery: $50

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